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Welcome to the Pays-d'Enhaut and Saanenland region

Not just a real estate agency but much more!

Real estate here meets the beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Discover our exceptional properties, from traditional chalets to contemporary villas, and find your haven of peace in the heart of breathtaking landscapes.

Explore our site now and let yourself be seduced by the unique charm of this idyllic region. Your dream home awaits you here.


A timeless charm

Pays-d'Enhaut and Saanenland are two alpine regions located in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. The Pays-d'Enhaut is a picturesque valley known for its pastures, forests and mountains, while the Saanenland is famous for the town of Gstaad, an upmarket holiday destination.

Both regions offer stunning scenery, outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking and mountain biking, and authentic Swiss traditions such as wood crafts and cheese making.

Whether in summer or winter, the Pays-d'Enhaut and Saanenland are ideal destinations for those seeking natural beauty, mountain sports and a traditional atmosphere.

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